Portland, ME Blizzard

I love snowstorms and last weekend was a great one in Portland.

Right now, my wife, Emma, and I are grappling with how to be out in nature without having to drive so darn much to reach it. We are hopefully selling our “outdoorsy” Subaru later this week to spend more time outside on an electric cargo bike instead. Whenever you have the experience of a proper adventure from your front door without having to get in a car, that’s a win in my book. Blizzards(or any measurable snow) deliver that for me.

When snow blankets the city, the whole world becomes the deep woods. A quiet descends as the traffic and rush finally stop. You are safe to really explore the city on your own two feet. I really cherish these moments and have such fond memories of exploring Somerville during winter storms like Nemo and Snowmageddon. I love snow. For me, it’s like my memories of being a kid and diving all around my yard with glee whenever it snowed.

For a few sacred hours before the howl of the snowblowers and the screech of the plows, the city streets belong to people.

Snowdays also mean baking and this weekend we made three types of scones a new Kouign-amann recipe for our neighbors.

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